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Myanmar mining sector: policy issues

June 18th, 2013

Peter Church writes:

When I first started looking at the Mining Sector in Myanmar I thought it was more just a question of amending the law so that it provided certainty for both foreign and local investors in this sector. However, I now believe this is only one part of the solution and that there are a number of higher level policy issues which need to be clarified such as a long term policy on the use of the country’s natural resources. There also needs to be consultation with the farmers and others who own, lease or reside on the land which is to be the subject of mineral exploration or mining.

Unless these people are happy with the exploration or proposed mine (as they might well be) it is quite likely there will be significant disputes between the miners and the local people. It seems to me that consultation with and education of locals as the benefits of mining will be an essential element for the mining sector to develop to its full potential in Myanmar.