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The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

April 16th, 2013

© Mitchell Brown“We are entering a time of chronic food scarcity, one that is leading to intense competition for control of land and water resources—in short, a new geopolitics of food.” —Lester R. Brown

Lester R. Brown is the visionary environmental analyst and founder of the Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute, a nonprofit research organisation based in Washington.

This presentation is about Lester Brown’s views and research that shows the world is in transition from an era of food abundance to one of scarcity.

Over the last decade, world grain reserves have fallen by one third. World food prices have more than doubled, triggering a worldwide land rush and ushering in a new geopolitics of food. Food is the new oil.

On the demand side of the food equation, population growth, rising affluence, and the conversion of food into fuel for cars are combining to raise consumption by record amounts.

On the supply side, extreme soil erosion, growing water shortages, and the earth’s rising temperature are making it more difficult to expand production.

Whether you agree with all of these views or not – Brown highlights some issues that need to be considered.

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