Myanmar Business Guide: Introduction

A guide to doing business in Myanmar


AFG Venture Group has been involved in the Myanmar market for many years, although until the recent positive changes few clients were interested for the reasons we are all aware of.

We issued this Guide to doing business in Myanmar in 1998. You may navigate the various sections via the menu to the right. We are in the process of updating the Guide and, if you are interested and let us know, we will keep you informed when the updated Guide is available, which we hope will be out in the next couple of months.

Whilst much of the information will need to be changed for the updated Guide, we believe the sections on the history and the people and culture of Myanmar in the current Guide are still extremely relevant today to anyone seeking to do business in the country. Whilst the country had a colonial past like most countries (other than Thailand) in South East Asia, its post colonial period has been strikingly different. In addition, the huge range of ethnicities present makes the situation even more complicated for foreigners to understand.

We believe there are significant opportunities in many sectors, including resources, manufacturing and education and would be pleased to assist you to enter the Myanmar market should this be of interest.

Additionally, a number of prominant Myanma business people were interviewed for the original Added Value book and these interviews are available to view here.

Peter Church, Group Chairman
March 2012