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Articles by Professor James Clad

September 24th, 2013

We draw your attention two two articles written by Professor James Clad, a member of our Advisory Board. Professor Clad provides advice to AFG Venture Group in the area of the Asian energy sector.

Washington: Just Say No To Pakistan

Another day, another calamity: thirty killed by a suicide bomber at a funeral in Quetta; the commanding General in Swat blown up by Pakistani Taliban; renewed Indo-Pakistani fighting along the Kashmir border threatens to torpedo fragile reconciliation efforts. These events—all in the past six weeks—reinforce recent disclosures in the Washington Post confirming deep-seated official US doubts and fears about Pakistan. Taken together, they constitute an inflection point: it is time to re-examine the entirety of our ties with that duplicitous, nuclear-armed and unstable country.

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Clad: Mexico’s energy market benefits with foreign investment

The news these days from Mexico is startling – our southern neighbor is edging toward big changes in the way it does business, nowhere more than in potentially vast changes in its hitherto closed domestic market.

A lot of politics lies ahead, but direct foreign energy participation – especially helping Mexico to achieve its own shale revolution – can have a win-win impact, delivering economic reinvigoration and employment generation.

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