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Connecting the Dots in Global Affairs

June 19th, 2012

We invite you to attend the below event and would like to see you.

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Lindley Edwards
Group CEO
AFG Venture Group

Connecting the Dots in Global Affairs

July 24–26, 2012
Club Palm Bay, Sri Lanka
Faculty: Lindley Edwards, Jim Garrison, Richard David Hames, Nalin N. P. Jayasuriya, Ananda Olande, Stephen Rhinesmith, Kumar Rupesinghe

This event will provide a unique opportunity to engage with multi-disciplinary specialists and your peers for a conversation that can only be described as seminal to understanding the complexity of our world, the challenges to leadership, and how our inherited value propositions can both inform and be re-defined by the crises we face in the world today. It is an occasion to think out of the box, connect dots from across a range of disciplines, and consider how more life affirming changes can be made.

A major challenge in the world today revolves around the crucial fact that economic power is moving from West to East as the United States and the European Union falter and the economies of India and China continue to expand. Yet, the question must be asked: since the East has essentially the same economic system as the West, is it not doomed to the same fate as we see unfolding in the West? As economic power shifts, so do the values that influence our cultural, social, and geo-political lives. Eastern values will become more prominent as western economic theories and political power recede. These distinctions are crucial to honor if a truly global culture is to emerge in a way that is mutually respectful and deeply integrative. What values are in fact indigenous to the East? How do the peoples making up the diverse cultures of Asia, especially those trained in the West, discern the distinctions between the two? What are the value priorities that leaders must hold moving into the future?

Other challenges are emerging: escalating climate turbulence is threatening virtually every country throughout the world. How should we understand and respond to this? We also see rising protests and social movements – what do these mean? What is behind them? How do we engage in meaningful social change in a globalizing world when international laws and national particularities conflate and sometimes collide? And what about technology: is it the problem? Is it the solution? Both?

Leaders in all sectors must attune themselves to these dynamic movements of history and values. To lead, leaders must act. They must take decisions in light of unfolding events. It is clear is that the center is not holding and new models for our economies, our relationship with nature, our democratic institutions, and our social values need to be discerned. But what are they?

The setting for this course will be a beach front four star hotel just outside Columbo, Sri Lanka, where in the seclusion of natural beauty and the sounds of ocean waves, we will gather and contemplate the major global issues of our day.

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