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Congratulations to Ronachai Krisadaolarn

August 15th, 2013

Ronachai Krisadaolarn and Vasilijs Mihailovs win First Prize for their book from the 2 leading numismatic organisations.

In Europe: On May 23, 2013 The International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) after voting at their annual convention in Leipzig declared:

The First place winner is Ronachai Krisadaolarn and Vasilijs Mihailovs for Siamese Coins – From the Funan to the Fifth Reign published by River Books Co. Ltd, Bangkok, 2012, 272 pages, hardbound, retail price 2,495 baht – $100. ISBN 978-974986354-1

In the United States: On August 13, 2013 the Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG) at their convention near Chicago presented the Robert Friedberg Award for an outstanding book or other literature to Ronachai Krisadaolarn and Vasilijs Mihailovs, co-authors of Siamese Coins – From Funan to the Fifth Reign, published by River Books Co., Ltd. of Bangkok, Thailand.