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“Let’s make strategic engagement with ASEAN a priority”

Michael Fay An edited version of this article appeared in the Australian Newspaper in the Higher Education section on Wednesday 21st February 2018. Australia’s tilt towards ASEAN will be boosted in March this year with the ASEAN Australia Leaders Summit in Sydney; Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be hosting the leaders of the 10 ASEAN […]

Portfolio Investment in Asia to 2017 [Stock market to 2017]

STOCK MARKETS OF ASIA 2009 TO 2017 There have been comments that one of the reasons for the apparent reluctance of Australian corporates, funds and individuals to invest in Asia has been that the Asian stock markets are not sufficiently profitable. An analysis of the financial performance and outcomes of 6 Asian based stock markets and […]

Corporate Taxation 2016

 CORPORATE TAXATION IN AUSTRALIA Glen Robinson has spent the last 25+ years focussing on the establishment and development of cross border alliances, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the manufacturing, processing and distribution areas, and particularly targeted to Asia. These corporate advisory activities are based on many years’ experience in management consultancy, and he […]

Myanmar Oral History Project goes live on our website

Podcasts: Myanmar Oral History Project: From Peter Church’s years of involvement in Myanmar he has become aware of the increasing scarcity of the generation of Myanma citizens who were born before WW2 and have lived through the tumultuous years since that time. These men and women have experienced significant events in the modern history of […]

Lindley Edwards’ article on the relevance of poetry to business published in the December 2017 edition of Boss Magazine

Poetry is as relevant to business as it is to life, with its power to help us accept challenges and come up with creative solutions. I have long been a student of poetry, as I find it provides wisdom to live by, opens up possibilities and provides innovative ways of seeing as well as experiencing. […]