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Textual Revolution: Never Mind the Smartphone, It’s the SMS that is Shaping the Developing World – Andy Carroll-Goldin, Country Director – Philippines, Grameen Foundation Australia

To most of us the smartphone is mightier than the pen…the sword, the camera, and the dozen other devices it has replaced. Whether you prefer apples, jelly beans or buck the trend and still love the (black)berry, the smartphone has shaped the way we conduct business. And it’s not done yet. While we were sleeping, […]

Head for Higher Ground – John Sheridan, CEO, Digital Business insights

All the symptoms are there to see. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Global Financial Crisis, customers with Locked Wallets and Purses, no Budgets and that’s just the obvious stuff. Inside of businesses and organisations of all kinds, CEOs and senior managers are being asked to do more with less. Decision makers are only making the easy decisions, […]

A New World Order – Investing in Technology in 2012 and Beyond – Ian Maxwell, CEO, BT Imaging

2001 wasn’t the best year. Having just founded my first start-up, a photonics (fiber optics) components effort, I was shocked to see a whole market just disappear overnight. The market didn’t disappear for good, just for the next five years or so, due to a massive over-investment in Telco infrastructure. This bubble was fuelled by […]

Internet Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety and Depression is a Disruptive Innovation

Gavin Andrews AO, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression, UNSW at St Vincent’s Hospital Each week I see 8 new patients referred to a specialist anxiety and depression clinic for cognitive behaviour therapy. On average, three are not suitable referrals, one will need face to face treatment which now will […]

January 2011: Social Media, Social Networking and Social Capital

January 2011: Social Media, Social Networking and Social Capital “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & President of Facebook Welcome to AFG Venture Dispatches, your insight into current issues and items of interest for Emerging, Technology and Growth Companies across Australia and Asia. Web 2.0 […]