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The ‘Internet of Things’ has published an interesting article regarding the coming ‘Internet of Things’ which outlines the ways in which smart devices are becoming more and more embedded into our lives in a wide range of aspects including health, energy consumption and shopping patterns. The article is available to view here:

Google’s Eric Schmidt on disruptive technologies

McKinsey & Company have published a fascinating interview with Google’s Eric Schmidt: “In the first of a series of video interviews with high-tech experts, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt explores the technologies likely to have the greatest disruptive impact on economies, business models, and people. Later this month the McKinsey Global Institute will publish an assessment of […]

MIT Technology Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013

Each year the MIT Technology Review lists ’10 Breakthrough Technologies’ that are predicted to have a significant impact in the near future. It is also interesting to look back to previous years to see when some of the technologies that are now considered common place were first mentioned, for example crowdfunding in 2012, engineered stem cells […]

E-Commerce Businesses in Singapore: The Good, The Bad and The Dollars – Anthony Coundouris, Founder, Futurebooks Pte Ltd

E-commerce in Singapore is booming. is testimony to the popularity of e-businesses in Singapore. It lists over 4,000 active local businesses including blog shops, coupon deal sites, grocery stores and education portals. Livejournal alone reports it has 1.2 million Singaporean users and over 50,000 blogshops, generating more than US$72 million worth of transactions in […]

Singapore E-Commerce Industry Trends and Patterns – Anthony Coundouris, Founder, Futurebooks Pte Ltd

Singapore Institute of Management interviewed us to get our perspectives on e-commerce in Singapore. Blogshops transcend spatial boundaries and constraints. Conventional brick and mortar retail stores like bookshops and provision stores are being muscled out by the emergence of online retail shops. The elimination of queues and round-the-clock online stores allow companies to engage their […]