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The Fresh Food Ambidextrous Challenge – Michael O’Keeffe Company Director, O’Keeffe & Associates

Balancing consistency and volatility is one of the biggest challenges facing fresh food – produce, meat and seafood – retailers and suppliers. The ultimate aim is to provide consistent supply and quality product all year round thus generating consumer confidence and repeat purchase, whilst simultaneously managing the volatility inherent in agricultural-based supply systems. Start with […]

Tackling the 21st Century Food Crisis with Technology – Dan Quinn Policy Manager – Crop Biotechnology & Minor Use, CropLife Australia

Putting Modern Plant Breeding into Context Agriculture is the basis of modern civilisation and is thought to be around 11,000 years old. During this time period crop breeders have consistently improved crops to produce better foods that seek to improve the livelihoods of human beings. As a result, the crops that we grow today bear […]

Australian Agriculture Business and Challenges and Opportunities for the Sector – Lindley Edwards and Mitchell Brown CEO, AFG Venture Group & Corporate Adviser and Analyst, AFG Venture Group

“We have an historic opportunity to revitalise agriculture… I call on you to take bold and urgent steps to address the root causes of this global food crisis” – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Agriculture is an important industry for Australia and a significant exporting industry. Two thirds of Australia’s total agricultural output is exported. […]

Australian Agribusiness Needs to Prepare for a Big Increase in Overseas Demand – David Duckett, Managing Director, Structured Finance and Head of Agribusiness Practice, AFG Venture Group

To the outside world Australia is often viewed as a mine, a farm or a beach to which could be added in recent times a school. These critical areas of Australia’s economy, particularly from a foreign exchange earnings point of view, are characterised by very different structures as far as their industry bodies are concerned. […]