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The importance of soil for agriculture

The New York Times has published an interesting article on the importance of soil for agriculture and what resides in the soil — the microbes, fungi, nematodes, mites that make up a complex web of interrelationships.

The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

“We are entering a time of chronic food scarcity, one that is leading to intense competition for control of land and water resources—in short, a new geopolitics of food.” —Lester R. Brown Lester R. Brown is the visionary environmental analyst and founder of the Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute, a nonprofit research organisation based […]

October 2010: Primary Industries with a focus on Agriculture and Agribusiness

EDITOR’S COMMENT Welcome to AFG Venture Dispatches, your insight into current issues and items of interest for Emerging, Technology and Growth Companies across Australia and Asia. Agriculture and Agribusiness face immense challenges as the number of mouths to feed globally increase and arable land and water accessibility decreases. The industry’s ongoing ability for innovation and […]

Mobilising Capital into Agribusiness – Suren Kumar and Jamie Lord Associate Director – Corporate Finance, Food, Fibre, Beverages & Agribusiness Section, National Australia Bank and Associate Director, Corporate Agribusiness, National Australia Bank

In recent years, agribusiness has attracted an immense interest at regional and global levels. The definition of agribusiness includes the entire value chain of businesses related to food production – from farm inputs, on farm production, processing, distribution and sales of the end-product. A number of themes have taken the centre stage and intensified the […]

Foreign Investment in Australian Farm Land: Scrutiny for Acquisitions is on the Horizon – Simon Venus Partner, Piper Alderman

Food security has been driving investment in agricultural land around the world. Australia is no exception as a destination for foreign capital in the agricultural sector. Indeed, it has been a feature of agricultural production in this country since white settlement. However, the recent Federal election has cast foreign investment into the spotlight, with foreign […]