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Social Media: A 19 Year Old’s Perspective

by Hannah Sinclair, Content Strategist, Small World Social

In my daily routine every task performed is assisted or preoccupied by social media. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check my phone, and then check Facebook on my phone. Facebook is my favourite social networking site because it is the most popular among my friendship group, providing me with regular updates on their everyday lives. We like to refer to this favourite past time as “Facebook stalking.” My ability to “Facebook Stalk” has now been amplified by the creation of Facebook Places. Facebook Places allows you to alert your friends where you are by ‘checking in’ to locations. I can tag my friends at that same place as me or alternatively locate them via their check-in points.

Recently, my friends and I have gone through a stage in trekking down comedic viral videos and posting them on each other’s Facebook walls. My favourites are videos of people recording themselves singing popular songs e.g. Miranda Sings always provides a little bit of extra entertainment in my day.

For a lot of my friends social media has also played an important role in re-sparking their interest in current affairs. A friend of mine (one of those self-proclaimed ‘tech geeks’) was telling me how he was reading Twitter posts by journalists as news was announced. One can’t get much more updated on global events than that!

The reason I think I like social media so much is because of its ability to recreate social situations in the comfort of your own home. Rather than having to spend ridiculous amounts of money calling my friends for a “chat,” I can hop on Facebook or as of more recently Skype, and speak to them for free. On Skype I can not only speak to one friend at a time, but also I can link all my friends into the same conversation just like if we were together in person.

I think for social media to keep up with the rapid change in my and I’m sure every other teens day-to-day life, it needs to become more portable. I’m not referring to just another mini laptop but something similar to an iPad with the details of an actual computer. I barely ever use my home desktop to surf the Internet. I primarily use my iPhone for all my social networking needs. However, the screen is too small and I would much prefer the real version of the Internet rather than Apple’s simplified applications.

About the Author

Hannah Sinclair is Small World Social’s content strategist. Hannah brings a youthful and relative perspective to Small World’s project content. Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at the University of Melbourne, Hannah brings a Gen Y familiarity to social networking content. With a background in modelling, Hannah has a clear understanding of arts such as photography and the practice of visual representation.