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Corporate advisory and consultancy in Australia, South East Asia and India.

Portfolio Investment in Asia 2017

January 16th, 2017     

Selected stock exchanges in South East Asia have been developed to a point where they are attractive to both local and foreign investors, further, the introduction of the Asean Exchanges has ensured there is a network of brokers and advisors which have pan-Asean understanding and have the ability to operate at the cross border level. […]


January 16th, 2017     

There have been many comments in relation to the operating costs in Asia and how much lower they are when compared to Australian costs. The commentary usually revolves around the cost of labour, and the “need” to reduce that cost. This analysis clearly shows that while labour costs are a factor, the major factor is […]

Emerging Markets As Investment Targets

June 16th, 2016     

An overview of the Australia performance and attitude to the investment in developing markets in South East Asia About the Author Glen Robinson experience and expertise lie in the manufacturing, processing and distribution areas, with specific emphasis on business management and strategic planning. Glen has more than 25 years’ experience in management consultancy and has worked […]

Investing In An Emerging Market In Asia

June 16th, 2016     

  There are some tried and true “do’s and do nots’ in relation to investing in emerging economies, and some of them are outlined here.  Interesting!   About the Author Glen Robinson experience and expertise lie in the manufacturing, processing and distribution areas, with specific emphasis on business management and strategic planning. Glen has more than […]

Situation Report Myanmar, The Country of Incredible Change

June 16th, 2016     

Myanmar, the country which spent 50 years under a repressive authoritarian rule moved out just over 5 years ago, and it is attempting to take its rightful place in the global economy.  This piece looks at the recent history and a prognosis for the future. Of considerable interest to foreigners is the investment climate. Glen […]

Amazing Achievement by Four West Papua Students

May 27th, 2016     

Four West Papua students who articulated from TAFE NSW to university through North Coast TAFE received top honours at excellence awards at Lismore last week. After completing six months of English for Academic Purposes at Southern Cross University (SCU), the students enrolled in Certificate IV in Hospitality at Wollongbar TAFE, as a pathway into SCU […]

Draft International Education Strategy: Submission from AFGVenture Group on Indonesian Market Development Opportunities and Challenges

July 21st, 2015     

Introduction The focus of this feedback to the Draft International Education Strategy relates to Indonesia due to its geostrategic importance to Australia and its undoubted challenges for our international education sector. Our government representation on education in Indonesia has included both a role and leadership from Austrade and from AEI, the latter I understand no […]

Australian Trade/Investment in Myanmar and Corporate Social Responsibility

July 2nd, 2014     

Author: Trevor Wilson Visiting Fellow, Department of Political & Social Change, ANU Advisor to the Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce This article was originally written for the Australia Myanmar Chamber of Commerce(AMCC). 1. Introduction How much corporate social responsibility should Australian companies practise if and when they enter Myanmar? Should there be additional obligations placed on […]

Articles by Professor James Clad

September 24th, 2013     

We draw your attention two two articles written by Professor James Clad, a member of our Advisory Board. Professor Clad provides advice to AFG Venture Group in the area of the Asian energy sector. Washington: Just Say No To Pakistan Another day, another calamity: thirty killed by a suicide bomber at a funeral in Quetta; the […]

COW Renegotiations – The Current Position and the Likely End Game by Bill Sullivan of Christian Teo Purwono & Partners

August 22nd, 2013     

Bill Sullivan of Jakarta based law firm Christian Teo Purwono & Partners has produced an interesting piece outlining the Indonesian Government’s efforts to renegotiate legacy Contracts of Works to bring their terms into line with the 2009 Mining Law. In the opinion of the writer, this apparent lack of any major progress over the past 12 months, […]